In order to understand the essence of OUCHINI, one needs to understand where it was born: the streets of Paris. The founder of the brand, Saint grew up in the notorious Parision banlieueSystematic racism, oppression and police brutality, as well as the violence and politics of local gangs are all factors that the youth living in these neighborhoods, forgotten by their government, have to deal with on a daily basis.

Many succumb to these crushing circumstances - yet some refuse to obey. The brands founder and head designer Saint, channeled all of his and his peers experiences and pain and created a beautiful, fresh, empowering aesthetic and ultimately movement, which has quickly become the leading authentic voice of Paris' youth. Loved by artists, athletes and fashion savvy tastemakers alike, Ouchini blends in right between functional clothing, luxury and streetwear.


The brands first and most renown item, the Ouchini Parka, a parka consisting of 17 individual pockets, perfectly reflects why the culture loves the brand: the Ouchini Parka was designed to discourage law enforcement to carry out stop & search, which is known to be a practice by law enforcement specifically targeted at minorities. The over-proportionate targeting of people of colour is a form of power abuse and is often also a starting point of false accusations with serious consequences for the victims. Saint's answer to the pocket pat down practice was not violent but a stylish one: 17 pockets. OUCHINI's clothing doesn't shout "check me" but confidently says "check me out".